Polishing of older concrete floors. Can it be done?
A common question people ask us is if any concrete floor can be polished.
Our answer is yes. With the right chemicals and sealers most floors in good structural condition can be polished.

No point in applying epoxy coatings without proper floor preparation.
Proper floor preparation when installing epoxy floor coatings is important. Without proper floor prep the coating can fail. We see more and more floor failures as epoxy floor coatings become more popular on the Sunshine Coast. We always over prepare a floor with our big grinders to ensure this will never happen.

Choosing the proper product for the application.
We see so many floors that are prematurely worn or stained because the wrong product has been installed. For example mechanically polished concrete installed in a cafe. Although it looks good it is not a very good match as mechanically polished concrete will be come easily stained from food and drinks. For an area like this it really needs a sealer to lock out the stains. Not just any sealer but a hardwearing sealer that will not wear out prematurely resulting in costly repairs. 

Another example we see all the time is mechanically polished concrete on concrete that is too soft. It will look good for a while but as the softer concrete starts to wear it will lose its lustre pretty fast. Mechanically polished concrete really deserves a hard 32mpa concrete For long term performamce. For projects were polished concrete is wanted but the concrete is a bit soft we reccomend honed and sealed with a guard type product.

Quartz and Flake broadcast flooring is a great option
This type of floor is hardwearing can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. It is perfect for damaged floors as it hides imperfections easily and is much cheaper then other options. 

We recently installed a flake floor in a food processing area in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. The concrete was in really bad shape and vinyl was defiantly out of the question. We patched the floor, coving and put fall to the drains. The flake system hid everything and looks great and the customers were very happy with the finished floor. The epoxy floor system was very affordable in comparison to other options.